In-Home Euthanasia

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Here at Beloved Companions, we work with a network of local veterinarians and technicians dedicated to providing compassionate end of life care for our companion animals.We suggest your primary care physician as a first contact to request service. However, if this is not possible, Beloved Companions, LLC. can assist you in finding the best approach for euthanasia whether will be in a veterinarian’s office or in your home.

We are located in central Connecticut but can offer care to clients throughout the state and sometimes even beyond. While most of our patients are dogs and cats, we are available to assist with nearly any species of pet you may have.

What should I expect with home euthanasia?

In-Home Euthanasia reduces companion trauma and provides a peaceful end of life setting. What happens will depend upon:

  • your pet’s condition and requirements
  • your families beliefs and customs
  • and the local vet we arrange to perform in-home euthanasia

The in-home euthanasia process is custom tailored to fit an individual pet owners family please contact us at 860-470-7100 to discuss your individual situation and make the necessary arrangements.

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