Cremation Services for Dogs Cats & Other Species

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Old dog sitting in a fine chairBeloved Companions is a full-service pet-only funeral home offering secure cremation services with many options all delivered as a part of a program of personal and respectful care for you and your pet. We offer two clearly defined cremation options and utilize numbered steel ID tags to guarantee the return of your pet’s cremated remains.

Your Basic Cremation Options

• Private Cremation: Your pet will be the only pet in the crematorium. A steel ID tag guarantees the return of your pet’s cremated remains and the cost for the cremation is based on your pet’s weight.

Our Private Cremation After-Care Package contains:

  • Quality wood urn (Bio-urn optionally available)
  • Plaster paw print (Ink paw or nose print optionally available)
  • Fur clipping (if requested)
  • Cremation certificate
  • Grief pamphlet

• Communal Cremation: Your pet will be cremated with other deceased pets and your pet’s ashes while they will be disposed of respectfully they will not be returned to you. You can still, however, receive a clay print, ink paw/nose print, fur clipping, etc. to keep in memory of your pet. And just like a private cremation, the cost for the cremation is based on your pet’s weight only more economical.

Transporting Your Deceased Pet

Transportation from any veterinary clinic in our service area is complimentary, and home pick up is also available. You are also welcome to bring your pet to our facility but please call our Urgent Care Service at 860-836-2111 to make arrangements and to make sure we aren’t out of the office handling another pets arrangements. And same-day service is also available.

Advanced Planning

Planning in advance for your pet’s passing will make the day of your pet’s death far less stressful so please feel free to call our Our Family Pet Center at 860-470-7100 to speak with us about your needs or to make an appointment to come in, see our facility, and discuss your options.


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The Beloved Companions Individual Cremation Dignity Package

In short, it depends. So please give us a call at our Family Pet Center 860-470-7100 or at our Urgent Care Service number 860-836-2111. But here are some of the basics.

Beloved Companions Individual Cremation Dignity Package:

  • Up to 2 Lbs.:  $ 195.00
  • 2.1-30 Lbs.: $ 235.00
  • 30.1-60 Lbs.: $ 285.00
  • 60.1-90 Lbs.:  $ 345.00
  • 90.1-124Lbs.:  $ 395.00
  • Above 124.lbs: $450.00

The Beloved Companions Individual Cremation Dignity Package Includes:

  • Individual Cremation
  • Clay Paw Print or Nose Impression
  • Cremation Certificate
  •  “Rainbow Bridge” Poem Laminated
  • Engraved Wood Urn with Clasp

We will contact Pet Family in 5-7 Business Days to schedule Beloved Companion return home.

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